I woke up!

Faith helps me wake up in the morning. When I open my eyes I have faith that this day will be successful no matter what happened the day before. I have faith that when I open my eyes I will be safely in my bed. Faith gets me up and to my teakettle. I have … More I woke up!

Healthy Living

If you are trying to gain health and lose weight you need to be strategic. There are so many different products that promise you results; like anything else they are tools to use; you still need to do the work. Your hammer is not going to jump up to drive the nail in the wall. … More Healthy Living

Healthy Habits

Heathy Habits Make for a Happy Existence As a full time entrepreneur one of my first investments was personal health insurance. There are a few ways you can go about doing this, I found a good broker who has been keeping me on temporary plans that are under $100 a month. They only last about … More Healthy Habits