Celebrate your life!

Celebrate each day like it is a new day of independence and liberation! Liberate yourself from self-defeating thinking: Have more patience and acceptance of yourself and others. You will find, you become more approachable and you will have less stress to carry. You have two ears, two eyes and one mouth. Try listening and watching … More Celebrate your life!

Put them down

Stress, anxiety, rage, hate, and frustration are all distractions and not how God wants you to live. The devil is in the distractions. God asked you to count it all JOY! So many of the situations that you have taken on that are causing stress where not assigned to you but you picked them up anyway. … More Put them down

I woke up!

Faith helps me wake up in the morning. When I open my eyes I have faith that this day will be successful no matter what happened the day before. I have faith that when I open my eyes I will be safely in my bed. Faith gets me up and to my teakettle. I have … More I woke up!

Try Vs. Train

Hello! Hope your having a great day! Yesterday we talked about doing something new. Did you try it? How did it feel? It is ok, be honest. If it was uncomfortable that is normal. I have been trying to run for years. Trying something new is sometimes really hard if not impossible. Some things you … More Try Vs. Train

10 tips on how to balance your business with the real world

Forget About the Money 
Focus on the joy that your business gives you. If you love the quality and benefits of your service, you will attract customers who will too.  Get Your Family On Board 
The time you spend working on your business is time away from your family –even if you are in the same room. … More 10 tips on how to balance your business with the real world

Healthy Living

If you are trying to gain health and lose weight you need to be strategic. There are so many different products that promise you results; like anything else they are tools to use; you still need to do the work. Your hammer is not going to jump up to drive the nail in the wall. … More Healthy Living

Jung or Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Personality Test

Recently I was asked to take a Jung or Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment. Intrigued by self awareness and psychology I indulged. Here is where I took the free assessment and my results. Comments Welcome! Take the free personality test INFJ in a Nutshell INFJs are creative nurturers with a strong sense of personal integrity … More Jung or Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Personality Test