Celebrate your life!

Celebrate each day like it is a new day of independence and liberation! Liberate yourself from self-defeating thinking: Have more patience and acceptance of yourself and others. You will find, you become more approachable and you will have less stress to carry. You have two ears, two eyes and one mouth. Try listening and watching … More Celebrate your life!

Can we try?

When we ask for the meaning of love you will receive countless very mushy answers. Like it is a feeling that is inexplicable. Let’s keep it real shall we. Love is an action word and we are meant to show love for everyone. 4 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful … More Can we try?

Are we?

I posted on FB and I didn’t receive one like. Then I posted a video sharing a lesson I learned on self-love in relation to admitting limits and being humble. Again, no love. I prayed to see if I should continue with this message because it seemed that it wasn’t getting much of a response … More Are we?

Stand Firm

Our daily lives are bombarded with things that request our attention, opinion, and energy. For anyone living in a metropolitan city you probably see billboards, commercials, and other advertisements asking you to buy, watch or support any number or organizations. Then you have all the social media websites that are accessible everywhere, they are even … More Stand Firm

What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?

Hello Readers, During my studies this week I found myself asking  What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?.  Personally, I respect everyone’s choice in religious preferences and I keep leaning more and more toward non-denominational Christianity. I think that doctrines divide us more than bring us together. I also believe that God is seeking … More What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?