Introspection time…


What makes YOU happy?

What do YOU in YOUR “spare” time?

What do YOU want out of YOUR life?

What is it that YOU love to do outside of participating with others around YOU?

If YOU were stranded on a desert island, what three things YOU would need to maintain YOUR happiness besides; food, shelter and protection?

Until YOU can answer these questions on YOUR own behalf YOU are still living for others. There is nothing wrong with supporting others but there is something wrong with living for the approval of others.

If YOUR happiness is contingent on the happiness of others YOU’RE living a co-dependent life style. When YOU fill others up with YOUR happiness only for them leave YOU feeling empty. When they leave YOU are leaving YOURSELF malnourished. If people only enjoy YOUR company while YOU are doing for them YOU’RE A) cheating YOURSELF and B) surrounded by takers. Believe me they will find someone else to mooch off of when YOU’RE not around. This type of behavior can leave YOU feeling very bitter later on in life.
It is important to understand what pleases YOU. If YOU then decided to put YOUR desires aside for later than at least it was a conscious decision. If no one else has told YOU by now…

YOU should be #1 in YOUR life.

If YOU have children YOU may be thinking I’m a pretty selfish and I probably don’t have children. You right I don’t but my mom had one and lived a co-dependent lifestyle pleasing everyone before herself; me, family, her boyfriend, and neighbors. When everyone in her life moved on to do other things she developed a psychosomatic disease called Multiple Sclerosis. Doctors don’t know what causes this disease other than stress. In MS as with other psychosomatic diseases that are brought on by stress, YOUR own mind starts attacking YOUR body. None of the people she helped through life spent any significant time with her during her 14 year battle until she passed on to the afterlife.

So I figure if YOUR not feeding YOUR own brain happiness it may attack YOU. If YOU constantly beat YOURSELF up because of YOUR lack, YOUR body may attack YOU. Therefore it is vital that YOU invest some time to find out what pleases YOU. So YOU can keep YOUR mind and body in HARMONY.

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